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What you'll learn
Understand the principles of regenerative treatments in orthopedics using fat and stromal vascular fraction (SVF).
Analyze patient selection criteria and considerations for regenerative orthopedic procedures.
Evaluate the safety and efficacy of regenerative orthopedic treatments compared to traditional approaches.
Evaluate the effectiveness of SVF system compared to the Enzymatic system.
Examine the applications of fat grafting and SVF in the fields of Orthopedics.
Evaluate the integration of stem cells in fat grafting for enhanced regenerative outcomes.
What you'll learn
Understand the concept of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and its composition in the context of orthopedics.
Explore the mechanisms through which SVF contributes to tissue regeneration in orthopedic applications.
Examine the role of SVF in promoting joint health and mobility.
Analyze the applications of SVF in orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendon injuries.
Evaluate the safety and efficacy of SVF-based therapies in orthopedic treatments.