Fat Grafting with LipoCube Golden Filler

Prof.Dr. Gokce Ozel & Opr.Dr. Ilker Yigit
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Learning Objectives

Understand the importance of injection protocols in optimizing fat graft survival.
Explore the role of centrifugation in separating and purifying adipose tissue for injection.
Examine different fat processing techniques, such as microfat and nanofat, and their applications.
Analyze the impact of injection depth and technique on the aesthetic outcomes of fat injections.
Evaluate the influence of donor site selection on the quality and viability of harvested fat.


18 Lessons1h 27m

Fat Grafting With LipoCube Golden Filler

Adipose Derived Stem Cells, Regenerative Treatments, ADSC, Aging, Fat Injection, Fat Processing, Microfat, Nanofat, Golden Filler
Intro of Gokce Ozel00:02:25
Aging Process00:01:58
Fat Grafting as Filler and Lifting00:06:17
Pre-Post OP images00:02:08
Surgical Equipments LipoCube Nano00:01:33
Golden Filler Kit00:03:57
Results of Cell Viability, Flow Cytometer and Cell Differentiation00:02:05
Injection Protocols00:03:56
Preperation of VMP Cream00:00:58
Pre-Post OP Images00:00:57
Golden Filler Protocols00:02:33
Facial Danger Zones Anatomy Video00:06:29
Tummesence Infiltration and Harvesting00:03:09
Centrfugation and LipoCube Fat Processing00:03:52
Nano Fat Injection and Nano Cream Application with Results00:18:48
Q&A Session00:18:46
Facial Analysis Consultation Video00:02:55

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Prof.Dr. Gokce Ozel & Opr.Dr. Ilker Yigit

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