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Dr. Anna Peca
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Learning Objectives

Understand the concept of clinic cream lines and their role in targeted skincare.
Explore the formulation and benefits of liposomal biocream in cosmetic applications.
Examine the integration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and nanofat in skincare for enhanced regenerative effects.
Analyze the mechanisms of action behind liposomal delivery systems in cosmetic formulations.
Evaluate the evidence and clinical studies supporting the use of PRP and nanofat in skincare.


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Webinar for LipoCube Cream Line

Skin Care Market Growth and Comparison00:04:24
Technology of Biocream00:02:56
LipoCube Cream Line00:00:52
Cream Preperation Steps00:03:31
How to Use Cream Line Products00:00:40
Active Ingredients, All Active Ingredients00:02:37
FAQ About Creamline00:03:45

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Dr. Anna Peca is a plastic surgeon renowned for her expertise in regenerative medicine. With a focus on cutting-edge facial regenerative techniques, she leads the field with innovative treatments like stem cell-enriched fat transfer and combination of stem cells with energy-based devices to achieve remarkable skin rejuvenation. With over 10 years of experience in regenerative plastic surgery and medicine, she's a scientist with a passion for cellular-molecular biology. Dr Anna Peca holds a Master of Science degree in regenerative medicine, coupled with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in plastic surgery and has published numerous scientific articles. As a true scientist at heart, she likes to share her knowledge and empower doctors worldwide through education and collaboration. What truly sets Dr. Anna Peca apart is her unwavering commitment to holistic approaches to combat aging. Combining her skills in cell-based therapies, energy-based devices, plastic surgery, and innovative longevity practices like epigenetic screening and biohacking treatments she aims to reverse the aging process from the inside out. Driven by a desire to help individuals achieve a renewed sense of youthfulness and confidence, she is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine.
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