Regenerative Therapies Master Course Webinar 1st of April 2020 Tunc Tiryaki

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki
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Learning Objectives

Understand the basic principles of regenerative medicine and its potential applications.
Explore the role of stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration.
Examine the different types of stem cells (e.g., embryonic, adult, induced pluripotent) and their characteristics.
Analyze the mechanisms through which stem cells contribute to tissue healing.
Evaluate ongoing research and clinical trials in stem cell-based regenerative therapies.

Target Audience

  • Plastic Surgeons


7 Lessons1h 26m

Regenerative Therapies Master Course

Webinar 1st of April 2020 Tunc Tiryaki
Nanofat Injections With LipoCube Nano00:7:20
3 Detailed Information About SVF and LipoCube SVF00:22:31
Q&A Session00:02:46
Live Surgery Recording00:23:27
Aging Process00:08:58
Final Q&A Session00:17:01

Your Instructors

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki

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Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, a pioneer in face-lifting, is a board-certified consultant plastic surgeon who splits his time between Istanbul and London. Dr Tiryaki is the editor of the internationally published ‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’, as well as the co-author of the ‘Stem Cell Therapies’ chapter of a major two-volume textbook on plastic surgery. He is widely published and holds patents for his innovative techniques in regenerative and plastic surgery.

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