Revolutionize Your Aesthetic Practice with LipoCube

Dr. Steven R. Cohen
Dr. Steven R. Cohen
Last Update December 21, 2023
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Learning Objectives

Understand the transformative potential of fat grafting and SVF in aesthetic and regenerative medicine.
Explore innovative techniques in fat grafting for natural-looking and long-lasting results.
Examine the role of SVF in enhancing the regenerative properties of fat grafts.
Analyze the mechanisms through which adipose-derived stem cells contribute to tissue repair and rejuvenation.
Evaluate patient selection criteria for revolutionary fat grafting and SVF procedures.

Target Audience

  • Plastic Surgeons


10 Lessons57m

Revolutionize Your Aesthetic Practice with LipoCube

Dr. Steven Cohen shares his personal journey and success stories while attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques that contribute to obtaining exceptional outcomes in fat transfer procedures.
Introducing Dr. Steven Cohen00:01:36
Overview of Aging00:07:54
LipoCube Products00:09:24
Multi-Layer Fat Grafting00:01:26
Fat Processing and Injection Guidelines00:02:34
Surgical Techniques00:04:12
Pre-Post OP Images00:07:59
Q&A Session00:17:51
LipoCube Resources00:01:14

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Dr. Steven R. Cohen

Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Cohen is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon, inventor, author and artist. Dr. Cohen has been selected as one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America, by US News and World Report, Castle Connolly and Best Doctors, Inc. Dr. Cohen is known throughout the world for his contributions in the treatment of children with facial deformities and his work in helping to pioneer new regenerative cell therapies in both his own specialty as well as in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine as well as in Cardiology. He is the inventor of one of the first internal distraction systems, the MID system, and holds a patent on the Macropore biodegradable distraction device.

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